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World War Heros For PC _ Free Download

World War Heros For PC _ Free Download latest version for pc  you can now enjoy this best epic game on your PC  as well first of all this game was released on Android operating system but now you can play this amazing game on your PC for free you just have to download and install this epic game from our safe and secure website for free now and enjoy World War Heros on your pc now and play on big screen which gives you additional features on your pc you can play this application on your Android smartphones and tablets.

Word war heros

There are different modes by enabling them you can now enjoy the game more and it is very realistic to play the graphic of this latest game is very clear on pc it will be more clear than on android smartphones and tabled download World War Heros for PC now for 0 cost from this safe and secure website in this game you will find different playing modes. Hardcore mode increases the damage and makes the game real and realistic. Download world War heroes now and play on your pc.

At the starting of the game there are 50 people dropped in a desert or any other map that users have selected you and your partners have to destroy all the other people in the game then your team will win the game. There are several war weapons that you can use to destroy the enemies for eg you can use snipers, short guns, pistols, knifes , grants and many heavy weapons to destroy your opponents.

You can use the left side of your pc to control you or move forward if you want to fire there will be a firing button click on that button to fire and kill your opponents 

There is a mode known as death math 50 players are dropped in a map at the 1 player lefts he will be the winner you can use every weapon you have to kill other players before they kill you kill all other players you will be the winner and you will get a winning awards in terms of gold or weapons will be unlocked 

If you want to buy any type of weapon that you like more you have to pay a small amount of money to use that particular weapon in battle which will give you better results in winning any type of hard battles in the gameplay. Masin gold is the top weapon to kill enemies the targeting of this weapon is very accurate and easy to control.

Next mode is Camerton team deathmatch in this mode you and your team to kill all the other enemies in the gameplay to win the match you and your team can use each and every weapon that is available to you if you not use these weapons you can not win the  match so try to use every weapon to kill your opponent in this mode you can use two Medkits and 2 grenades per life these will help you to win the match . The team's lights for domination the team with highest killing score will win the match also.

life is given to you as 150+ if your opponents shots you your life timing will decrease and you will die at the end 

Features of World Warr

  • Easy and simple graphic

  • Tons of war weapons for your use 

  •  The controling system of this game is much better then PUBG and Free Fire 

  • Free game you just have to pay for weapons if you want

  • Safe and secure to play on pc and android systems 

  •  Highly addicted game 

  • Better then pubg and free fire 

 How to install 

Download from our safe and secure site it will time keep in mind to download this game on high and fast internet connection because the size of this game is a little bit bigger from average games but lighter the pubg and free fire 

 When downloading process will complete the game will appear on your desktop click on the install button and follow the instruction the game will successfully installed on your pc 

now open the game start playing you can share this game with your friends and family it is the most addicting game in the gaming history so download World War Heros now and enjoy on your pc .

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App information 

Name                            World War heros 

Size                                 511.6 mb

Version                          v1.9.6

Category                      Games 

Requirements             4.1 upto 

Download link             download now

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